Can I Suffer Hearing Loss at Work?

Hearing loss in adults is often thought of as part of the aging process. However, hearing loss can happen to adults at any age, and you may not be aware that the job you do can be putting you at risk. Occupational hearing loss is the third most common non-acute condition among adults after hypertension… Read More »

What If Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover All Expenses?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessity for all workplaces. Injuries happen at work; whether you suffer a broken bone on your construction job or a soft tissue injury on your office job, workers’ compensation insurance is there to cover your lost wages and medical expenses. These benefits are available to both workers and employers. In… Read More »

Workers’ Compensation May Soon Cover Medical Marijuana in N.J.

New Jersey Lawmakers have been urging the state Assembly to move forward on two bills that would bring protection to cannabis-related companies and for workers’ compensation to cover medical marijuana use. The state Assembly advanced the two bills, but it is up to the Senate to decide if the bills should be pushed forward. The… Read More »

2020 OSHA Expectations

In 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continued to advance its mission to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for U.S. workers. It conducted 33,401 inspections, identified 137,885 workplace hazards, and provided over a million workers with training on safety and health requirements. In 2020, OSHA plans to continue addressing issues and making… Read More »

Epidemic of Health Care Workplace Violence

Sources are reporting that workplace violence in health care settings is on the rise and has become an epidemic in clinicals and hospitals around the world. Those affected include staff directly involved with patient car, such as nurses, paramedics, and emergency room staff members. Most of the violence is committed by patients and visitors. Some… Read More »

Airport Worker Safety

Airline workers face several different hazards while on the job. Airports are big places and accidents can happen anywhere, leaving employees with serious, sometimes fatal injuries. If you or someone you know was injured on the job. You may be eligible for compensation. Types of airline workers that can sustain injuries include: Belt Loaders Flight… Read More »