No Time Off for Amazon Workers

Working in one of Amazon’s delivery centers or warehouses is hard work. Employees spend hours lifting heavy boxes while keeping to a strictly enforced time allotment for their tasks. Although much of the work done in delivery centers and warehouses is similar, it differs in what the workers earn. In Sacramento, and other locations, delivery… Read More »

Asbestos and Workers’ Compensation

Asbestos causes extreme health issues in workers routinely exposed to its airborne toxins. Often decades after exposure, workers become ill with severe lung diseases and even cancer. Workers affected by on-the-job exposure to asbestos are eligible to collect workers’ compensation for their illness and its effects. Asbestos is a natural fibrous material that was used… Read More »

Safety Threats to Amazon Workers

Many Americans take advantage of online shopping from mega-retailers like Amazon for their purchases. Consumers gain online convenience, speed, and an endless selection of goods, but for workers in the warehouse industry, risks are growing as this segment of the economy increases. Speed can come at an unacceptable cost for those employed in large shipping… Read More »

Symptoms of Mold in the Workplace

Mold may naturally occur, but it does not belong in an office, manufacturing facility, or other job site. When allowed to grow without remediation, mold can become a source of significant health problems in workers and anyone who stays in the workplace an extended length of time. Mold can also begin to destroy the physical… Read More »

PTSD and Workers’ Compensation

In the past, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was known as shell shock or combat fatigue. Psychiatrists now recognize that PTSD is not limited to soldiers. Anyone who has experienced a traumatic event, such as a horrific accident or violent assault, can suffer from PTSD. Those who suffer from PTSD may not be aware that workers’… Read More »