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What Are the Industries with the Most Work Injuries?

Workplace injuries are certainly devastating to workers and their families, but these unfortunate incidents also negatively impact employers and impact our economy. They contribute to the rising costs of health care and health insurance in this country, not to mention lost workdays and productivity. You are correct if you think that some of the most… Read More »


What Should I Know about Musculoskeletal Disorders at Work?  

The thought of work-related injuries can make you imagine pictures of falling off a scaffold or a heavy package falling from a high shelf and hitting a worker on the head, but some of the most common kinds develop over time. The category of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounts for close to 30 percent of all… Read More »

Workplace mental health

Why Is Mental Health Key to Workplace Safety?

The issue of mental health has come to the forefront in light of the pandemic, and many experts are concerned about its relationship with workplace incidents and accidents. A recent National Safety Council Safety Congress & Expo event focused on this topic, and it was pointed out when employees are suffering, their employers can be… Read More »

forklift accidents

How Can Forklift Accidents Be Prevented?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 100 workers are killed each year in forklift-related accidents. Another 20,000 workers are seriously injured. These statistics are troublesome; no one should be killed or injured just by going to work. Causes of Forklift Accidents Forklift accidents have many causes, as follows. Inadequate training. A study… Read More »

emergency exits

Why Are Emergency Exit Routes at Work So Important?

Most people do not think about emergency exits in their workplaces that often, although they might notice the signs from time to time. However, these essential safety routes save lives in dangerous situations and must be prioritized in work environments. When they do not exist or are not adequate in any way, employees can suffer… Read More »

retail workers

What Should Retailers Do to Protect Workers on Black Friday?

Black Friday is always a hectic day for shoppers and retailers alike. However, retail workers are bracing themselves for a particularly busy Black Friday this year, compared with a year ago when so many consumers opted to avoid in-store shopping and purchase their gifts online instead. From the crowds of aggressive shoppers and people who… Read More »