New Jersey Creates Rebuttable Presumption of Workers’ Compensation Coverage for ‘Essential Employees’

Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a new law that creates a rebuttable presumption of workers’ compensation coverage for Coronavirus cases contracted by “essential employees” during the ongoing pandemic. Under this new law, if an employee contracts COVID-19 while at work, a presumption arises that the contracted illness was work-related. This presumption allows for the worker… Read More »

Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Mental Health?

Workers’ compensation is a resource for employees who suffered from a work-related injury or illness. Most workers may associate workers’ compensation with injuries such as a broken bone caused by a workplace accident, or a muscle strain caused by repetitive motion. Employees may not realize, however, that there are numerous conditions that are work-related that… Read More »

What are the Dangers of Gutter Installation?

A profession with the greatest risk of falls at work from dangerous heights is gutter installation. Like roofers and others who use high ladders at work, those who install and service gutters work under dangerous conditions that subject them to the dangers of falling from heights; about 200 construction workers are killed every year from… Read More »

What Should Workers Know About Lockout/Tagout Procedures?

Industrial equipment comes with certain hazards for those who operate them in factories and plants, and they can also be dangerous even when they are not in use. Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures prevent power sources from starting up unexpectedly and allow them to be safely inspected and repaired as needed. Companies that do not take LOTO… Read More »

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Lunch Breaks?

Workers who are injured or contract an illness while on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Many employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees’ medical costs and lost wages while they recover from a work-related injury. Like any insurance policy, however, the injury must meet certain criteria in order… Read More »

Why is Forklift Safety Often Overlooked?

Each year, nearly 100 workers in the United States lose their lives in forklift accidents, according to the National Safety Council. Thousands more are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents that could have been prevented. This evidence points to the conclusion that forklift safety is often overlooked in the workplace. Forklifts can be difficult to operate… Read More »