What are the Steps in a Workers’ Compensation Claim Process?

Getting hurt while working on the job in New Jersey can be a shocking and frightening experience. For many employees, it is their first experience with the workers’ compensation process, and they may be confused. However, if they follow specific steps, they can make the situation less overwhelming and more streamlined. Seeking Medical Treatment After… Read More »

Pregnancy and Workers’ Compensation

Women that work while they are pregnant are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured at work, just like other employees. There have been cases where pregnant employees that suffered job-related injuries had difficulty obtaining benefits, including situations where the employees had pre-existing conditions. If a worker cannot perform certain aspects of a… Read More »

Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Accidents involving slips and falls happen more than most realize. In fact, one million people seek emergency medical care each year because of a slip and fall accident and over eight million hospital emergency room visits are due to falls alone. While a slip and fall can occur anywhere, many of these accidents happen in… Read More »

How Long Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation?

Workers that have been injured on the job experience a sense of uncertainty about their future. Aside from concerns about medical care and recovery, wondering if there will be an income source can be very stressful. Injured workers and their families that are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits can receive payment for medical bills, temporary… Read More »

Firefighter Safety Stand Down Week

Each year, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) join for Firefighter Safety Stand Down Week, an event designed to promote health, safety, and survival topics for fire and emergency services personnel. The 2019 theme focuses on decreasing on-the-job risks of cancer and takes place June 16 to… Read More »

National Safety Month

The National Safety Council (NSC) understands the importance of keeping the public focused on safety, whether at home, on the roads and highways, or at work. National Safety Month occurs every June, and this year’s theme focuses on slips, trips, and falls; fatigue and impairment; and hazard recognition. The NSC offers free resources that are… Read More »